Hey, where in the devil is this porch session?

You, my dear friend, will receive a sneaky little surprise in your inbox a week before the event to give you all the juicy deets on the upcoming event. Make sure you're checking that junk-in-the-trunk mail folder too, they sometimes get lost in there!

Convinced you ain't got no email with no deats? drop a line to our mighty fine Sarah, and this delight will send you all you need to know (

If you can't find the spot on the day, keep an eye out for a house with a coupla banners, bitta bunting and a friendly Porchling sitting out the front ready to greet you with a role call & a high five.

can i bring carrots?

Our Porchie soirees are not BYO events, so please leave your sack of wine and carrot sticks at home. There are always plenty of heaps good South Australian food & bevvie options to tingle your tastebuds and carry you through the evening, so don't you worry about that.

what about tiny humans?

YES. we love tiny humans. All tiny humans under 13 are free. Bring them along pls.

We love porch dogs. But as we are in ever changing venues, it does indeed vary as to whether we can bring along porch pooches to each event. Got a tickie and a hairy mclairy keen for an adventure? Enquire within.

Umm, Doggos?

Uh-huh honey. We'll have plenty of Persians, blankets, cushions & beanbags to go around but ya know what? You can never have too comfy seaty things. Wanna bring your beanbag? You bring your beanbag. 

Can I Bring My own beanbag?

Rain, hail or shine our Porch festivities will go on! So my little minchkins, pack accordingly; ponchos. beanies. legionaries hats. PREPARE. Who doesn't love a good rain dance?

Hmm, the weather's looking a little wild & wooly; will the Porch Session be going ahead?

YES. We want you and your Porch Palace. Send our Porch Governor Sharni an email- along with some snaps of your dreamy abode and she will send out an info pack to get the ball rolling.

I wanna host one pls?

Serenade us via email-; just include links to your music & socials, and we'll be in touch!

I can strum a cord & sing a tune... How can I get in on one of these Porch Sessions you speak of?