The Porch Sessions travel all over suburbia, popping in and out of the gardens of Adelaide babes far and wide. We'd love to bring the sessions to your abode in the summertime if you indeed fancy. Invite the porch crew to transform your garden, we come in the morning of the show and pimp out your backyard, while you gaze on and drink tea. We bring everything with us, the bands, the bar, the food, the toilets, the public liability insurance (bonus), and of course the most excellent of vibes. We take care of your friends and neighbours, offering them a secret allocation of tickets for the show. Come porch time, you can sit on your favourite persian rug, sipping on free beers and local food as a mini festival unfolds around you.
That's a pretty lovely time. We'd love you to be involved.

Flick an email through to sarah@theporchsessions.com with a couple of snaps of your abode, she'll hook you a lil info pack and we'll organise a time to have a cup of tea in your garden and answer any questions you might have. Let's get porchin. x