Adelaide born and bred series, The Porch Sessions is hitting the road. Now in it's sixth summer, this concept has seeked to explore the backyards of the burbs, transforming people's gardens into little travelling festivals all around town. Amidst a season of eight shows based in Adelaide, now for the third year on the road, The Porch Sessions are packing up a convoy of vans and caravans and are headed interstate with some spectacular artists in tow, and an entire crew that make these beautiful, all ages, backyard shows happen.

So. hypothetically speaking. if we were to possibly maybe do this glorious thing again. pack up a bunch of vans. hit the road in january. with a bunch of musicians. and fruity crew. and transform 15 porches along the coast. stopping anywhere between Queensland and South Australia. who might fancy a piece of the magic in their garden? yeah look, be a bit of a time, wouldn't it? drop us a line at sharni@theporchsessions.com, and we might just swing by

While you're here, drink this in . .