It is time, for the greatly anticipated porch of all porches. Read on  for the most secret information in all the land for your adventure to a glorious forest of vibes in the coming week – Friends, we’re going to Porchland.

When – Sunday April 9th– 2pm to 10 pm. Music from 2:30 pm

Who – Sons Of The East, The Teskey Brothers, Al Parkinson and the Babes, Jack Carty, MANE, Tom West & O’Little Sister. Lordy.
Where – Newenham Estate, 164 Flaxley Road, Mount Barker, 5251.
Jump on the freeway and take the Mount Barker exit, cruise through town and onto Flaxley Road at the roundabout, then Newenham is on your right.

Little People -
Tiny humans under 12 can come to Porchland for freeee. Bring them along. We love little people.

Access -
This is an all access festival, if you are at all slightly less than abled, we have facilities and close parking to accommodate. Speak to our porch wizards and they will point you in the right direction. Cause everyone is entitled to a good time.

Ticketing -
Great our door babes with a high five, have your tickets on your phone, or printed out with the barcode ready to go. We have a wizzbang system where we’ll scan you straight in. and then vibes ahoy.

Getting There –
Driving - Take the first right into Newenham, wave to your Porch wizard to who will help a brother out. Roll down to the bottom of the hill, were you can park your beasts, adjacent to the festival. We are biggg on car pooling, make some fellow porch friends and fill up those vehicles (free hi-fives given with people that car pool - redeemable at the bar).
Porch Bussing – We have a limited number of Porch Bus Tickets left online, travelling to and from the city. Stay safe, keep it carefree and drink all the wine.
Bikes – Y’all can park your bikes right at the entrance of the festival.
great news.
Donkeys – this method of transport is encouraged.

Cash Money.  The bars will be well equipped with EFPTOS good times, in addition to some of the stall holders and vendors, but pack some cash in those pockets just in case. So many glorious treats at your disposal, would hate for you to miss out.

Food – For you my friends, we have all the options of food delights for the afternoon, Daisy Burger, Forage Supply Co, Los Pinchos Locos and Boombox Kitchen. Options free of the gluten, of the cheese and free of the meat available.

Beverages – WINES by our spunky wine people Hither & Yon, Beers by Pirate Life and Cider by Barossa Valley Cider Co. yum.

Dessert – Four Seeds Brownies, CREAM coffee and Mischief Cold Brew will be a vibe and a half. Fill the bellies, warm the souls.

The Market Bazaar – Now this is an exciting time, to make all your festival dreams come true, there will be a bunch of groovy stalls including The Littlest Vintage, Knotley Crew, The Lost Tribe, Natural Knots Macramé, The Nomad Collective, Beach Mandalas, Concrete Jungle Co and stall by the crew over at Silver Raven Festival. As well as a live mandala drawing by Gross Motif and a glitter station by the Glitter Girls. CUT THAT RIGHT OUT.

Weather – It's forecasted at a bloody lush 20 degrees, but this is Adelaide, anything could happen. Prepare for a heatwave and hurricane all in the same day, pack accordingly. Layers are the friend of Porchland.

BUSES – If you have pre-purchased a bus ticket, see below for transport info.

Roll in to Victoria Square (T1 bus zone adjacent the Hilton) at 1:00pm. The bus will leave at 1:15pm, whether or not your sexy selves are on it, so we suggest you be on it.
Meet your wonderful bus wizard, Mereki (most probably rocking the best party shirt you’ve ever seen) and get ready to board the bus.
Your vessel of transport will have a sexy Porchland sign in the front and is from the company Buses R Us (best bus name ever.)

Cruise up to vibesville and let’s all have a flippin good time.

At 10:15 pm, the buses will be leaving Porchland, in the same place you were dropped off. So be sure you are ready to go and on the vessel good friends. High five Mereki for the drive home and get home safe after probably the best day of your life.

Please note: this is not a BYO event, don’t be that guy that brings a sack of wine and some soy crisps. There are plenty of options to satisfy all your hunger and thirst needs. 

There will be a selection of persians and blankets for your glutes, but by all means, join the blanket party and bring along some rugs, cushions and beanbags. We love beanbags.

A little A-Frame of The Porch Sessions will be set up at the base of the property, Greet our darling door person with a smile and let’s have a vibey time.

Any questions at all, swing Sharni an email at

Can't wait see you in Porchland.

Keen is an understatement.

Big love,