Yeah g’day.

We are The Porch Sessions.   

We are the creators of nice times.


The creators of bloody magic that exists around an ethos and one ethos only. That ethos, is the counterpoint of quality music, incredible South Australian food and wine, all in the most breath taking, beautiful environments, with the company darn excellent human beings.

From tiny, intimate candlelit unplugged gigs in semi regional towns, to backyard shows, to showhalls, to gigs on trams and to an annual festival of the nice things, Porchies is a year round calendar of all that is lovely. From a tiny idea, that started in one’s parents backyard, has now grown and spread to be an award winning South Australian icon.

 In a world that only seems to get busier, with time becoming shorter, it is events like these, pockets in time that remind humans to slow down, connect, have real experiences, genuine relationships and downright nice times, even if only for an afternoon, in someone's very own backyard. Mmm.