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The Porch Sessions || SOLD OUT || Stu Larsen

An oh so very special addition of The Porch Sessions. One of the greats is back in town and he is craving some serious porch time. He goes by the name of Mister Stu Larsen. This is going to be a ridiculous time.

Right in the heart of the summertime heat, the most most majestic porch in all the land awaits in anticipation of this wonderful man's arrival. Stu Larsen and friends in the most secret of gardens for the most special of additions.

This fine stallion of a man once graced our porches in February, he stole the hearts of many and continued to spread his musical juices to just about every corner of the globe throughout the year. And now, good friends, now he's headed back across the seas, to land on an Adelaide Porch.