The Porch Sessions is a travelling series across Adelaide suburbia where willing lovers of a Sunday session throw their yards to the wind for an afternoon and the Porch crew come in and completely transform their garden into a musical oasis. They bring everything, the bands, the bar, the wine, the food, the homemade lemonade, the cupcakes, they string up bunting, drape fairy lights from the trees and sprawl Persian rugs and crochet blankets across the lawn as the sun sets and the punters flow in for a night of brilliant music in the company of old friends. 

It is the brainchild of local Adelaide lass Sharni Honor, a lady who has grown up on the coast with a love for music, food, wine and jolly times. The idea came to her whilst sitting on her own porch, strumming some tunes with friends over a cup of tea. Her neighbours who happened to be having a wine on their porch heard the musical happenings and dragged their porch bench, across the road, over the fence and onto her front lawn to get a closer listen and thus was born The Porch Sessions. 

The mission is to get the Porch Sessions to explore the intricate corners of Adelaide suburbia, scouting out its hidden gems, its humble abodes that need to be shown to the world. With hosts not having to lift a finger or open their doors. The team sweeps in like a festive hurricane, spreading winds of colour amid the greenery of their house surroundings 

We aim to expose interstate headline acts to everything the glorious state of SA has to offer, the music, the local food delicacies, the local wine, beer and cider, local small business and of course the local crowds, being among the most mellow and polite in all the land, actually listening to the stories behind the songs, the wisdom behind the artists. Exposing artists in such an intimate environment leaves crowds silent and spell bound, captivated by every note, hanging off every lyric. It truly is something special to be a part of.